Hey friends,

We need your help! Compassionate Indy is sarting a compaign of collecting 100,000 Acts of Kindess (#IndyAOK) after the Dalai Lama event on June 25, but we need more videos now!

Could you please pick up your smartphone and make a video where you describe in 10 to 15 seconds one of the following:

  1. An act of kindness that you witnessed
  2. An act of kindness you did/do
  3. an act of kindness done to you

There are examples of videos for the #IndyAOK campaign to the left

Think about how to describe it very quickly, but clearly. Hold up your smartphone and center your face horizontally or have someone hold the phone for you. Push record, wait one second and tell your story!

You can email your video to ray@raymills.net